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What You Should Know

Once you make your appointment with Grab Bar Guyz, we will come to your home and together, perform an individualized assessment of your needs – taking care to note the varying surfaces and positions for your grab bars and/or other safety equipment. Once that is determined, and you agree, we can usually install your grab bars the very same day.


As the largest segment of our population gets older, grab bars become more important. Installing grab bars prior to a devastating fall can save thousands of dollars in medical expenses and possible permanent injury resulting from a fall.


Unfortunately, there are many of us who suffer debilitating diseases. Having grab bars and safety accessories throughout your home and bathroom gives everyone peace of mind.


Who knows when a broken leg or twisted ankle could occur? Having your bathing space secure with grab bars will enable you or your loved one to continue to function independently.

Bathroom Vanity
Towel Racks

We have a wide range of styles, colors and sizes of grab bars and safety accessories.

The beautiful designs of today eliminate the objections of yesterday where safety products and grab bars were “too institutional” in appearance.

‘Home Accident’ Prevention Tips

Making the necessary changes in your home or elderly loved one’s home

Is your senior citizen moving in with you or are they finding it hard to get around their own house? Here are some tips to help reduce the likelihood of accidents and give you some piece of mind

Outside the house
  • Add a ramp to replace steps. Maximum slope should be 1 inch for every 20 inches of length with a bolt in place for stability.
  • Add rails on both sides of steps.
  • Add non-slip, contrasting color strips on exterior stairs to help your senior with reduced vision to easily identify steps.
  • Add lighting along walkways and pathways, plus motion detectors.
Inside the house
  • Replace door knobs with flip handles.
  • Replace swinging doors with pocket doors.
  • Visual-signaling smoke detectors have a light that flashes when smoke is detected to alert a person who is hard of hearing.
  • Increase the size of door openings.
  • Fasten rugs and mats to floors to reduce tripping with double-sided tape.
  • Add handles on both sides of stairwells.
  • Consider installing a chair lift on stairway.
In the bathroom
  • Though it can be expensive, consider installing a roll-in shower or low-rise step-in tub.
  • Add handles and grab-bars in tub and toilets. Add hand-held shower heads.
  • If your senior is in a wheelchair, install roll-up cabinets.
  • Make sure faucets have anti-scald temperature controls.
In the kitchen
  • Again, if your senior is in a wheelchair, install roll-up cabinets.
  • Install pull-out shelves for low or deep shelves.
  • Lower the light switches.
  • A side-by-side refrigerator/freezer will allow for easier access.
  • Install a wall-mounted oven for easier access.
General tips
  • Be sure furniture is stable, and has no sharp corners.
  • Remove scatter rugs and clutter.

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